A Winter Morning

It’s a grey, wet day in Vancouver.  Nothing unusual about that, in January.  Typical, in fact.  Welcome to winter, west coast style.  From November through April, this is what to expect.

The rain was the second thing I heard early this morning, after the rude awakening of the alarm at 5:30.  It was splashing down pretty hard on the deck and roof outside my window, like a sound effect in a moody, atmospheric song.  Then came the coffee machine, beeping, as I’d set it to.  Good timing.  No milk.  One mug of black coffee later, I’m sitting down with a refill to face my webcam-topped monitor.

I have to confess, I get a kick out of the fact that I meet face to face with people in Korea half an hour after dragging myself out of bed.  It’s way more interesting than the various places I’ve worked around town, and more time efficient.  Commute time?  Thirteen steps from the bed to the coffee machine and eight or nine from there to my desk.  Doing business with Korea is easier than doing business locally!

I tried to go back to bed after the session but couldn’t sleep.  So, I got up and showered and here I am, eyes burning.  I was considering a matinee, but sleep has to come soon.  Batteries must be recharged.

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2 Responses to “A Winter Morning”

  1. Guerrillero Says:

    Hi, I know this is not easy to work in conditions when the time difference is what you have to conform with. I did such work with New Zealand. Here it was midnight, there the beginning of a new day. So, instead of going to bed, I had to burn the midnight oil to keep the business with New Zealand clients. 🙂

  2. paulmct Says:

    Thanks for the comment. I know what you mean. I’ve considered changing my sleep pattern so that I’m always ‘on the night shift’, which could be useful in several ways. The hours in the middle of the night are generally quiet and offer few distractions, for instance, so they can be quite productive for writing, etc. But, the days are short at this time of year, and if I sleep in the daytime I won’t see the sun at all. That’s not good. But, if I get busier in the middle of the night, I may have no choice. I work late nights and early mornings and the gap between them could get so small it wouldn’t be worth trying to sleep.

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