Am I Hearing the Voice of God Or Just Crazy?

You’re walking in the desert with your child.  The sun is beating down on your head.  It’s baking your brains.  You hear the voice of god telling you to kill your child.  You’re going crazy, right?

That may seem obvious, but if you place the story long ago and call the father and son Abraham and Isaac, many people believe it was nothing more than a test of faith and loyalty to god.  The fact that he didn’t kill his son proves it, apparently.  God intervened and stayed his hand.  Just testing ya – good job.  It couldn’t be, of course, that he recovered just enough lucidity to stop himself in the nick of time, perhaps because of his son’s terrified pleas, “Please don’t kill me daddy!”.

But that was a one time miracle, you may be thinking.  It could never happen again.  Really?  Well, it did happen again – recently.  But this time, god did not intervene.  A man in northern BC, Blair Donnelly, heard the voice of god telling him to kill his wife and children.  When his wife and one daughter were out, he came up behind the other daughter and stabbed her to death.

The worst part of the story is that the man told people at his church that he had been hearing the voice of god, and they were pleased for him.  Being people of faith, they believed he was actually hearing god’s voice.  Nobody suggested he seek counselling.  Nobody questioned his ‘good fortune’.  Faith can be a dangerous thing.

Maybe, rather than waiting for god to intervene, solve problems, or sort things out, we should realize it’s up to us.  Prayers before or after the fact do nothing.  They are a poor substitute for practical solutions or actions.

If you hear the voice of god, you’re not having a religious experience – you’re losing your mind.

Here is more info on the story from someone who knows him:


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6 Responses to “Am I Hearing the Voice of God Or Just Crazy?”

  1. Matt Says:

    Yes, it’s remarkable that when people hear things in their heads that they attribute such to some sort of supreme being that has hand picked them … rather than it being the sound of their loose marbles rattling around in their deluded minds.

  2. paulmct Says:

    Well, I guess if you’re going crazy you can’t be aware of it or you wouldn’t be going crazy. That’s where god comes in. Gotta fill in those gaps, and that voice has to be coming from somewhere…

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. SeLiNa Says:

    religions royally fucks with people’s heads! granted, dude probably wasn’t the most stable upstanding citizen to begin with, but still. i can’t even begin to imagine the state of mind that someone has to be in to pull that off.

    religion is corrupt and evil.
    spirituality is what’s good.

    our world needs less religion, more compassion.

  4. paulmct Says:

    Always good to hear from you, Selina. Thought you’d disappeared or something. You hadn’t posted in a week.

  5. rhosie Says:

    oh… that’s really a tragically story… God, is the God of love, peace and compassion.God will never ever will tell to us to kill our family.He is a loving Father and wants only the best for us.Part of the ten commandments of God”thou shall not kill”.Maybe blair was experiencing some psychological or mentally problem.Maybe all the thing he was heard was only part of his illusionary perception.

  6. paulmct Says:

    Obviously he was experiencing psychological problems, and delusions. But, if you believe the bible, then you believe that god did tell Abraham to kill his son, to test his faith. Then you’re supposed to believe that god stopped him. I don’t believe it. If this person Abraham even existed, he was probably experiencing psychological problems and delusions, too. In other words, he was crazy.

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