A Vancouver Moment

One night some time ago I was in Seb’s, a nearby bistro on Broadway.  It’s actually called Seb’s Market Bistro, but the market part consists of a single column of shelves with baked breads and a few organic looking products.  It has a Montreal atmosphere, I’m told.  I’ve never been to Montreal, so I take their word for it.  Recently, it has been closed part of the day for want of a sous chef or line chef.  That’s Vancouver these days.

I went there that night for a few drinks and to catch some live jazz, which they have every weekend.  The music was nice, the lights were dim, and the candles were lit.  The patrons were dressed for a night out, generally – not formal, but they made an effort.

I noticed a couple ride up and lock their bicycles outside.  Then they walked into this nice bistro wearing their helmets and bicycle gear.  They navigated the slim space between the band and service area and then the narrow aisle between the tables to find one that was available.

Everyone else had dressed up, but they were dressed for cycling.  They thought nothing of riding their bicycles to a restaurant on a weekend night, and dressing for the ride rather than the destination.  It didn’t even occur to them to take off their helmets until they reached their table.

Just another Vancouver moment.


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3 Responses to “A Vancouver Moment”

  1. C. Fraser Says:

    Sounds like Eugene. I found the whole NW to be of a similar culture.

  2. jackieamsden Says:

    So….are you saying its a good or bad thing…our penchant for outdoor wear? Or as one women said it: in vancouver everyone looks like they just rolled out of a kayak.

  3. paulmct Says:

    Just very Vancouver. I laughed about it at the time with the server. It would never happen in most other cities. Certainly not on a weekend night, when they’re busiest.

    I like to ride my bike, too. But if I was going out on a Friday or Saturday night, I’d probably leave it at home.

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