What’s the Strangest Search Term That Found You?

Another unusual search brought someone to my site.

Although “lists of police constables in vancouver” may not be as weird as yesterday’s, I don’t keep lists of them so I don’t know why the search engine would direct them to me.  Also, why would anyone want a list of them?  Hmmm…  Bizarre.  Maybe even… suspicious…

What’s the strangest or weirdest search term that brought people to you?  Send them as comments.


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9 Responses to “What’s the Strangest Search Term That Found You?”

  1. C. Fraser Says:

    Last week I was getting a lot of search engine strings with some combination of ‘nude’, ‘naked’, ‘woman’ or ‘girl’

    Some were looking for nationally specific nude ladies, such as ‘British’ or ‘German’.

    One person was looking for a ‘nude surfer girl’, while another wanted a ‘naked soldier girl’.

    Other interesting strings: ‘drunk canoe’, ‘drunk naked men’, and a little more creepy ‘I love to kill native canadians’.

  2. Deacon Says:

    Porn searches aren’t that surprising, considering that they’re the most common searches period. Although maybe it’s surprising that people looking for porn would click on a blog link.

    My best search terms from the last couple months were “do women like cum on their face” (twice!), “my boyfriend is in a wheelchair and I’m walking” and “I don’t want to be rich anymore”.

    Other’s like “Sun Ce’s cock” and “can god forgive pedophiles” aren’t that surprising considering the content of my site, though perhaps still creepy regardless.

  3. paulmct Says:


    “I love to kill native Canadians” (or anyone) is a disturbing thing to search for. But why would it lead to you? Have you discussed anything even remotely resembling it? Same with German and British girls, and “naked soldier girl” and “naked surfer girl”.

    Drunk in a canoe is understandable enough. Hey, how Canadian can you get?


    Porn searches are common but, again, why would they lead to you? Those three examples in the middle are strange for your site. Am I being really stupid by asking who or what Sun Ce is? Yes, you have to wonder why the person asks about forgiveness for paedophiles.

  4. Deacon Says:

    I tend to use… vivid… analogies that Google might confuse with more literal references. You compare Guitar Hero 3 to a jungle rape camp and the next thing you know your site is coming up in searches for porn. It’s really just a natural consequence of posting on the internet.

    Sun Ce is a character from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games (and probably a real historical figure).

  5. paulmct Says:

    For a digital ‘Luddite’, you seem to be quite the gamer.

  6. paulmct Says:

    Deacon: Sorry, I had you confused with someone else – ‘the deacon’, an occasional contributor on someone else’s blog (which is completely different from yours). I took a look at yours. Some interesting posts. Interesting logic in ‘The New Sanity’.

  7. C. Fraser Says:

    The ‘I love to kill native Canadians’ comment probably was due to this post I made:


    Not sure why I had such specific search for naked girls, but I have referenced nudity and ‘sexy’ things in some posts. I’ve never mentioned anything about ‘German’ though, so I have no idea how that search made it in. It’s a mystery.

  8. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    Well here’s a list of 100 of the silliest search terms to hit my page:


  9. paulmct Says:

    Very organized and methodical, Doc.

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